Warning & Waiver Disclaimer

Warnings & Waiver

Ecoluxe Solar, as the reseller of the brands and products listed on Ecoluxe Solar, hereby emphasizes the importance of user responsibility and proper handling. Users of our bicycles must recognize and accept certain terms and conditions pertaining to liability, usage, and safety.

Liability Release Ecoluxe Solar assumes no liability for any type of damage, whether to individuals, their property, or third parties, resulting from the use of our bicycles. This release of liability extends to any harm or injury that may occur due to improper use, handling, storage, or maintenance of the bicycle or any associated components.

User Responsibility Users are fully responsible for the proper maintenance of their bicycles. Any claims arising from or related to attachments, additional components, or modifications to the bicycle are not the responsibility of Ecoluxe Solar.

Outdoor Riding Risks Riding bicycles outdoors, whether in urban or rural environments, inherently carries risks and challenges. Users accept and waive all claims against Ecoluxe Solar regarding their decisions and actions while riding. This includes accidents or injuries resulting from factors such as other individuals, environmental conditions, terrain, weather, or external causes. It is recommended that riders wear a helmet at all times when using an e-Bike, e-Scooter, or e-Board.

Disclaimer Ecoluxe Solar expressly disclaims all other remedies, obligations, liabilities, rights, and warranties, whether implied or expressed by law or otherwise. This disclaimer encompasses any implied warranties of merchantability, implied warranties arising from performance, course of dealing, or trade usage, as well as implied warranties of fitness. In the event that any provision within this agreement is found unenforceable, only that specific provision shall be void, while all others remain in full effect.

Please note that by using our e-bicycles, e-scooters or e-boards, users acknowledge and accept these terms and conditions. Your safety and responsible bicycle usage are of utmost importance to us at Ecoluxe Solar.