Frequently Asked Questions

Electric Bikes

What styles of electric bikes do you offer?

  • We offer a variety of styles including city bikes, mountain bikes, folding bikes, and cruisers to suit different needs and preferences.

Are all your electric bikes suitable for use in New York?

  • Only a select few of our Nakto Bikes are UL certified and meet the specific regulations for use in New York. Please check the product details for certification information.

What is the average range of your electric bikes?

  • The battery life varies by model, but on average, you can expect 20-60 miles per charge, depending on usage and conditions.

Do I need a special license to ride an electric bike?

  • Licensing requirements vary by location. Generally, electric bikes are treated like traditional bicycles, but we recommend checking local laws.

Can I use your electric bikes for off-road cycling?

  • Yes, we have specific models designed for off-road use. Look for our mountain and all-terrain electric bikes for the best off-road experience. 

Eahora Electric Scooters

Do I need to register my electric scooter?

  • In some states, registration of electric scooters is required. Please check with your local DMV for regulations in your area.

Are the batteries in your electric scooters safe?

  • Absolutely, all of our Eahora Electric Scooters come with UL certified batteries, ensuring safety and reliability.

What is the range of your electric scooters on a full charge?

  • The range varies depending on the model, but typically, our scooters can travel 20-60 miles on a full charge.

How fast do your electric scooters go?

  • The maximum speed varies by model, with most scooters reaching speeds of 15-50 mph.

Can your electric scooters be used in the rain?

  • Our scooters are water-resistant, but we recommend avoiding heavy rain or wet conditions for safety and longevity of the scooter. 

Compact Appliances 

What types of compact appliances do you offer?

  • We offer a wide range of compact premium appliances including refrigerators, freezers, cooktops, ovens, and more.

Are your compact appliances energy-efficient?

  • Yes, most of the Summit Appliances we carry are designed with energy efficiency rated.

Do your compact appliances come with a warranty?

  • Yes, all our compact appliances come with a manufacturer's warranty. Details vary by product.

Can your compact appliances be used in small spaces like apartments?

  • Absolutely, they are specifically designed for use in space-limited environments.

Commercial Dehydrators 

What is the capacity of your commercial dehydrators?

  • Our dehydrators come in various sizes, suitable for small-scale to large-scale dehydration needs.

Can I dehydrate different types of food at the same time?

  • Yes, our dehydrators are versatile and can be used for a variety of foods simultaneously.

How energy-efficient are your commercial dehydrators?

  • Our dehydrators are designed for energy efficiency, ensuring lower operational costs.

Do your dehydrators come with temperature control?

  • Yes, they come with adjustable temperature controls for precise dehydration. 

How long does it take to dehydrate food in your commercial dehydrators?

    • Dehydration time varies based on the type of food and moisture content, but our dehydrators are designed for efficient and even drying.

    General Solar Questions

    What are the benefits of using solar products?
    • Solar products are environmentally friendly, can save you money on your energy bills, and can increase the value of your home.
    What type of solar products are available for purchase?
    • There are a variety of solar products available for purchase, including solar home backup systems, power stations, solar generators, and solar refrigerators / Portable Air Conditioners.
    How do solar panels work?
    • Solar panels work by converting sunlight into electricity through the use of photovoltaic cells.
    How much electricity can a solar panel system generate?
    • The amount of electricity a solar panel system can generate depends on a variety of factors, including the size of the system, the location of the installation, and the amount of sunlight received.
    How durable are solar panels?
    • Solar panels are designed to be durable and can withstand harsh weather conditions.
    How do I know what size solar generator I need for my home?
    • The size of the solar generator you need depends on a variety of factors, including your energy usage, the size of your home, and the amount of sunlight received in your area. For example, You can run a 100w refrigerator for 20 hours on a fully charged 2000w solar generator.
    How do I set up a solar generator system?
    • Most of the systems that we carry are portable. All you have to do is set the solar panels out in direct sunlight, connect the panels to the solar generator and that is it.
    What size solar generator system do I need?
    • It depends on what you are using it for. It is best to go with the larger solar generator. By doing so, you have more options to use the solar generator. For example, a 500w system is not the best for power outages. 
    What are the advantages of a portable solar generator?
    • Quiet and low maintenance: Unlike gas-powered generators, which can be noisy and require frequent maintenance, a solar generator operates silently and requires little to no maintenance. This makes it a more convenient and hassle-free option for providing clean electricity during a power outage, camping, RV living, and so much more.
    • Portable and convenient: As the name suggests, a portable solar generator can be moved easily and taken anywhere. This makes it ideal for camping trips, outdoor events, and emergency situations where access to electricity may be limited.
    Is there a tax credit for solar?
    • Yes! Due to the American Inflation Act, the Residential Energy Tax Credit has been extended through 2034 and expanded to include stand-alone battery systems with a capacity of 3kWh (3,000Wh) or greater. The Tax Credit is up to 30% of the amount you spent on the system. (This is not Tax Advise. Make sure you consult a Tax Professional to verify that you qualify.)


    Updated 12/11/2023