REVI BIKES - FLUX - 750W Cargo eBike - Ecoluxe Solar
REVI BIKES - FLUX - 750W Cargo eBike - Ecoluxe Solar
REVI BIKES - FLUX - 750W Cargo eBike - Ecoluxe Solar
REVI BIKES - FLUX - 750W Cargo eBike - Ecoluxe Solar
REVI BIKES - FLUX - 750W Cargo eBike - Ecoluxe Solar
REVI BIKES - FLUX - 750W Cargo eBike - Ecoluxe Solar
REVI BIKES - FLUX - 750W Cargo eBike - Ecoluxe Solar
REVI BIKES - Flux -Cargo e-Bike - Ecoluxe Solar
REVI BIKES - Flux -Cargo e-Bike - Ecoluxe Solar
REVI BIKES - Flux -Cargo e-Bike - Ecoluxe Solar
REVIBIKES - Flux - Electric Bike
REVIBIKES - Flux - Electric Bike
REVIBIKES - Flux - Electric Bike

Revi Bikes - FLUX - 20" 750W - Electric Cargo Bike - Extended Range, Cargo Space

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Meet the Revi Bikes Flux Cargo E-Bike, a powerhouse of efficiency and durability designed for the modern rider.
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25 MPH

Equipped with a robust 750W motor that surges to a peak of 1200W and delivers 85 Nm of torque, this bike is a powerhouse for climbing steep inclines and maintaining pace under heavy loads of up to 440 lbs.

Achieve speeds of up to 25 mph and tackle your hauls with vigor.



Experience the endurance of a 48V 15Ah removable Samsung lithium battery that delivers up to 55 miles on a single charge. Opt for an additional 10Ah or 15Ah battery to double your mileage for longer journeys, even with heavy cargo.

Simplify your charging process — one charger conveniently powers both batteries simultaneously.


Lighting System

Elevate your safety with our integrated rear lights, featuring turn signals and brake lights for superior visibility.

Engage the turn signal function and it will flash clearly on the selected side, signaling your intentions to those around you.


Rear Wheels & Footrests

Boasting a substantial payload capacity of 440 lbs, this electric bike is ready to transport your world. Its robust rear rack can handle up to 180 lbs, ideal for everything from outdoor equipment to your little ones.

Fitted with protective rear wheel guards and secure footrests, it's designed to keep passengers safe and comfortable on every trip.

Express Yourself

Craft a symphony of hues that resonate with your personal flair and mood.

Hit the streets with confidence, showcasing our vivid, eye-catching designs that allow your distinct personality to sparkle on every ride.

Carry More,

Do More

Our range of accessories is designed to empower you to transport all your cargo and passengers with ease.

From the daily commute to picking up the kids or restocking your pantry, our bike ensures every errand in town is managed with total confidence. Rest easy, knowing we've equipped you for the full journey.

advanced safety

Superior Braking and Suspension

Equipped with 180mm hydraulic disc brakes for dependable, responsive stopping power. The front suspension fork is designed to absorb shocks, smooth out bumpy rides, and enhance your off-road capabilities, delivering a ride that's steady, comfortable, and easily managed.

Bright LED Headlight

Crafted with resilient, heat-dissipating CNC-machined aluminum, this headlight boasts two ultra-bright LEDs that produce up to 550 lumens. It's designed with an advanced optical reflection lens for optimal lighting and includes side visibility features for broader awareness.

Puncture-Proof Tires with Visibility Strips

These tires are fortified with a puncture-resistant layer to guard against flats, keeping your inner tube intact. The added reflective strips are a safety essential, ensuring you stay visible and secure during rides at dawn, dusk, or in poor weather conditions.


Customizable Stem for Comfort

The adjustable stem on this bike lets riders fine-tune their grip position, reducing stress on the wrists, shoulders, and neck. Tailoring the height and angle of the handlebars improves both handling and riding stability for a personalized fit and enhanced comfort.

Enhanced Comfort Wide Saddle

The upgraded wide saddle offers ample space for a more comfortable seating position, accommodating your sit bones with ease. Its generous padding is designed to dampen road vibrations and impacts, ensuring a smooth ride that minimizes discomfort.

Optimized Weight Balance / Front Rack

The included front rack adds extra storage while improving the bike's weight distribution, balancing your load between the front and rear. This feature also allows for convenient monitoring of your items, ensuring they stay safe and secure while you ride.


Low 14" Step-Through Design

With a standover height of just 14 inches, compared to others at 15.35 inches or more, this bike offers an easy step-through frame. It's ideal for those who prefer a more accessible mount and dismount, particularly benefiting riders with balance considerations or restricted flexibility.

Dedicated Storage for Dual Battery Setup

This bike offers a specialized area for an optional second battery, ingeniously integrated within a storage bag design. Opt for a single battery setup, and this space becomes a handy compartment for your tools, snacks, water bottles, or other essentials you might want on your journey.

Advanced LCD Display

Easily toggle between Class 2 (throttle-activated, up to 20MPH) and Class 3 (throttle-deactivated, up to 25MPH) modes. The interactive display puts ride control at your fingertips, allowing you to adjust pedal assist power from levels 1-5, monitor battery status, operational diagnostics, current speed, and track your journey's distance.


A1. The top speed for the Cheetah Plus is 25MPH.

A2. Class 3 eBikes (Speed Pedelec): Class 3 eBikes are similar to Class 1 eBikes in that they provide pedal-assist, but they have a higher maximum speed limit, typically around 28 mph (45 km/h) in the United States. These eBikes are designed for faster commuting and are often referred to as speed pedelecs. Like Class 1 eBikes, they require pedaling to engage the motor, and the motor assistance cuts off once the maximum speed is reached. Class 3 eBikes are popular among commuters covering longer distances.

A3. The Flux comes equipped with a 15ah Samsung battery with option to add a second battery.

A4. To aid in shipping, the Flux is shipped 85% assembled. No need to worry, completing the assembly is simple. Check the product page for instructional videos to assist with assembling your new eBike.

A5. The standard battery option provides approximately 55 miles of range per charge depending on how you ride. ( Using pedal assist).

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