Eahora - JULIET - 1000W Long Range Electric Bike - Ecoluxe Solar
Eahora - JULIET - 1000W Long Range Electric Bike - Ecoluxe Solar
Eahora - JULIET - 1000W Long Range Electric Bike - Ecoluxe Solar
Eahora - JULIET - 1000W Long Range Electric Bike - Ecoluxe Solar
Eahora - JULIET - 1000W Long Range Electric Bike - Ecoluxe Solar
Eahora - JULIET - 1000W Long Range Electric Bike - Ecoluxe Solar
Eahora - JULIET - 1000W Long Range Electric Bike - Ecoluxe Solar
Eahora - JULIET - 1000W Long Range Electric Bike - Ecoluxe Solar
Eahora - JULIET - 1000W Long Range Electric Bike - Ecoluxe Solar
Eahora - JULIET - 1000W Long Range Electric Bike - Ecoluxe Solar

Eahora JULIET: 1000W Long Range Electric Bike

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Meet Juliet, your ticket to long-range adventures. This eBike boasts a 48V battery built for endurance and a powerful 1000W brushless motor.
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Powerful Motor

25 - 28 MPH

Experience the exhilaration of our 1000W Brushless Motor. It delivers a robust performance with a 1200W peak output power and an impressive 120N.m max torque.

The upgraded 25A output controller ensures effortless hill climbs and conquering challenging terrains is a breeze.

Torque: 90N.m
Gradability: 30° - 40°

Extended Range

120+ Miles

The Juliet boasts a cutting-edge 48V / 60Ah EV-Grade battery. Built to rigorous EV-grade safety standards, it guarantees secure storage and extends your riding range.

With exceptional energy density, minimal self-discharge, and unmatched safety compared to standard lithium-ion options.

Throttle Mode Range: 78 - 84 Miles
PAS Mode Range: 110 - 120 Miles

LCD Color Display

With five levels of pedal assist, a twist throttle, and versatile modes, Juliet offers a dynamic riding experience.

Achieve speeds in electric or pedal mode, plus enjoy convenient push and cruise modes, giving you ultimate control over your cycling journey.

enhanced safety

cargo rack

Expand your cargo capacity with our robust rack, capable of carrying up to 60lbs. Equipped with four designated slots, adding a rear basket is a breeze.

comfortable saddle

Experience ultimate comfort with our innovative foam-padded saddle. Specially designed with an ergonomic shape to provide exceptional support.

dual rear suspension

Enjoy an unbeatably smooth ride with our dual rear suspension system, offering double the cushioning of traditional setups for enhanced comfort.

Style & Comfort

integrated lights

Enhance your visibility on the road with our integrated rear light featuring turning signals. This ingenious full light system ensures optimal safety by making you visible to others and communicating your intention to turn.


Conquer any terrain with ease on CST's 20" puncture-resistant tires. These all-terrain wonders offer a smooth ride, stability, a strong grip, and exceptional traction, ensuring you're ready for any adventure.


Equipped with an impressive 14-meter visibility range, this device ensures that you can navigate through challenging trails with confidence and safety, even during the low-light conditions of twilight or on moonless nights.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Eric G.
Rode A little more miles

Rode A little more miles before the storm gets here.

James W.
I love this bike!

Hello fellow e-bikers I just got to tell you how awesome the Juliet is. So far I have 1147 miles an still going strong. 95nm of torque on 20" makes rough and steep terrain easy to manage. The 60 lb rear rack holds saddle bags nicely an allows me to carry a load while conquering these Colorado mountains. I even had enough room to add a fishin pole holder on the back lol. daisland brakes that are equally impressive. I use my Juliet for work an play an I handles my abuse amazingly well. Not a bike for sissies weighs 150 lb battery alone weighs 40 but while riding you don't even notice

There are only three things I would change on this bike first thing is the tires knobbies are good for dirt but bad for Street the tires that came with the bike burned out pretty fast but I was on Street quite a bit recommend upgrading to a heavy duty tire like HEB allscapes.

The second thing I want to change out are the forks The originals are spring compression forks okay for beginning riders or just cruising around town but I need better for rugged terrain, I get wicked wheel hop on washboard roads I've found some downhill air forks with ABS on Amazon that match up perfectly.

The third is I would upgrade the control module and battery system to a dual battery system with that massive 60 amp hour battery that gets 120 + miles to be increased to 240

I love my bike

Thank you Eahora keep up the good work

Wesley G.
Best ebike for the value!

I do food delivery and to my amazement it only had 3 bars left after 45 miles(throttle only pas 5). This ebike far exceeded my expectations! The hydralic brakes are instantaneously responsive, the torque is practically instant and the suspension is a dime! Usually my body would be kinda sore after a hard day of work but with this ebike soaking all the bumps; I no longer have that issue. I weigh about 170 lbs with clothes and equipments so you can get an idea. The bike is very heavy but thats expected. The only con I see is the seat gets uncomfortable after hours of use. This is by far my best investment ever! The price to value ratio is spot on!

Yolanda M.
Just purchased the Juliet

Just purchased the Juliet.

After a few modifications like the handle bar rise and leather grips

Also a nice basket and a different seat stem to make it lower to my height.

she has been out for 2 full weekends! Still a fully charged battery!

The range is incredible!

I love her! ??????

Chad N.
Awesome Bike

Such an Awesome bike my wife has the green one and I have the black one and we also own 2 other E-bikes but these new Eahora bikes are so much better in every way . These bike are like riding on air with the front and rear shocks and the 4 inch tires. The hydraulic brakes stop on a dime and the front headlight puts out about ten times more light then our other e-bikes and the 60amp battery is truly awesome as we went on a 15 mile ride a couple days ago and did not even drop a bar on the meter and our old bikes would be lucky to get 15 miles before running out of juice. Trust me this is an honest review and i paid full price for my bikes and Thanks Eahora for making a solid built awsome riding bike !!!!


The Juliet is IP54 for outdoor use. You can ride it in the rain but should park it under the roof if rains.

The brightness of the display is not adjustable. We'd recommend you try to adjust its position (by rotating the display bracket more vertically) to tune the readability under sunlight.

It's no more difficult to handle on riding than other 45 - 70lbs bikes while it's harder to walk home or lift for storage/ transport.

You can, but do not have to. The lithium battery allows charging it after every ride to stay in full or charge after runs out. Both of these charging preferences will not shorten the lifespan (or reduce the charging cycles) of it. But for long-term storage (winter or other situations,) 40-60 percent charged and check&recharge monthly is the best.

Many customers may think Juliet is a female bike with first sight to the step-through frame and BMX handlebar bike. But in our original design, Juliet is a good workhorse for customers who spend a lot of time through the streets. Obviously, the step-thru frame is the most practical design for frequently getting off and back on it, the wider BMX handlebar is easier to handle and more comfortable for long-lasting rides.

We offer payment options through Shop Pay and Klarna, both of which facilitate monthly payments.

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